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Our goal was and is to produce a lively and regularly updated site that will become a valuable community resource for all Outwood residents, organisations and friends of the village.

The site is intended to be a valuable addition to our existing local village newsletter, the Outwood News, which is already an essential village resource. While the Parish Council has provided a small amount of initial funding for the website (domain name and website hosting subscription fees), it is by no means intended to be a "mouthpiece" for the Council, but an all-inclusive resource for villagers and village organisations.

What's New?

Some of you may remember the 'old' village website. You'll see that this 're-launched' version has a lot more content, easier navigation and an all-round better look and feel.

For first-timers, you may find that one of the most useful starting points is the Village Diary - a one-stop shop for the key events taking place in the village each year. Say goodbye to clashing functions or surprise committee meetings - now you've no excuse!

Travel around the site a bit and you'll also find information on the work of the Parish Council; what's going on at our village hall, the Lloyd Hall (together with full information on bookings and prices); contributions from a number of village organisations; and links to several other relevant websites. Play around with the site - it won't bite you!

And, finally, please remember - this is a work in progress. While 'surfing' the site, if you think of any gaps, or areas that can be improved, or if you have any general suggestions or comments, do please let us know - see the Web Designers page for contact details. We'd also more than welcome any offers of help in developing the site - especially from the younger members of our community!



Surrey County Council propose to make the above-mentioned Temporary Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to prohibit vehicles from entering or proceeding in: - a) That length of D356 Broadbridge Lane, Smallfield that extends from its junction with D362 Church Road, to its D361 Wheelers Lane. Works are anticipated to be carried out between the hours of 9:30am and 3:30pm within 2 days from 15/08/22. The vehicular diversion route will be via Broadbridge Lane, Redehall Road and Wheelers Lane. b) That length of C67 Daysey’s Hill, Outwood that extends from its junction with Green Lane, to its junction with D376 Miller’s Lane. Works are anticipated to be carried out in the length of C67 Daysey’s Hill, that extends beside the south-western property boundary of “Lyndale”, between the hours of 8am and 6pm within 2 days from 24/08/22. The vehicular diversion route will be via Brickfield Road and Miller’s Lane.


 An increased number of vulnerable and disabled residents on low incomes may soon be eligible for financial support to rectify serious disrepair or to adapt their homes, under changes we’re proposing to our Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy.


These changes will provide even more targeted financial help to enable more residents to live safely and independently in their own homes.


Vulnerable and disabled residents who live in council homes receive help and support through other means, so aren’t eligible under this policy.


We’d like residents’ thoughts on our proposals and you can have your say by completing our online survey by 5pm on Friday 12 August 2022.  


If you know someone who doesn’t have access to the internet, but would like to give their thoughts, please e-mail grantsconsultation@tandridge.gov.uk and we will arrange for them to receive a paper copy of the survey.



Exploring the River Wey around Godalming,    FREE GUIDED WALK
Sunday 7 August 2022; 10.30 am for a prompt 11am start
Approx finish at 1.00pm
Join the Chairman of the Events Committee, Sall Baring, on this easy walk of just over 3 miles around the outskirts of Godalming mainly along the river Wey and concluding with a walk around Broadwater Lake.
The terrain is flat and the walk is easy. At the end there is a refreshment van for people to enjoy a cappuccino and a waffle! Booking is essential. 
For more details click here

Deadline 4th August 2022
The Holmesdale Museum and Reigate Caves
Saturday 13 August 2022; 1pm – 7pm
The Holmesdale Museum is not generally open to the public but one of the Society’s members has kindly organised for us to visit this collection.
The castle mound overlooking Reigate town centre is composed of soft sandstone and has been mined over several centuries. The castle has long gone but the mound and many of its excavations still remain. Known locally as the “Reigate Caves”, our exclusive tours include the Barons’ Cave in the Castle Grounds and the East and West Caverns in Tunnel Road. Your view of Reigate might change once you have experienced what lies beneath your feet!
Booking is essential.  For more details click here

Deadline 6th August 2022
Visit to Sayers Croft, Ewhurst
Wednesday 17 August 2022; 10am – 1.15pm
Enjoy a tour of this beautiful historic site that was first used as an evacuee camp during World War II and is now a childrens’ activity centre. Learn about the fascinating history of the war days and discover all about this 56 acre site that includes a 27 acre nature reserve. Our tour will finish with lunch provided by Sayers Croft kitchens.
Booking is essential.  For more details click here

Deadline 3rd August 2022


We are looking for some volunteers to join the creating healthy communities in the East Surey grants programme participation group.

 We have £90,000 funding from East Surrey Place NHS  funding for voluntary community and faith sector organisations.

 Please pass on the attached flyer and role description to people in your networks who you think might be interested, willing and able to take part.   This could be members of your participation group or reference group, volunteers you work with , organisations that you are in touch with e.g. Rotary clubs, parish councillors, mutual aid groups, residents associations etc. 

 Anyone interested in taking part or who would like to know more should contact the team via email : creatinghealthycommunities@reigate-banstead.gov.uk


We need your help to make sure the grants are going to where the greatest need and demand is.


The grant application is now live. Information about the grant can be found via the below link.




Doorstep Crime:

Sussex and Surrey police have seen a number of recent reports of rogue trader fraud. One victim, a 94-year-old woman from West Surrey reported having a male knock on her door offering to jet wash her driveway. The male claimed it would cost £750
but would mean she didn’t have weeds growing on her driveway for up to 5 years. Sounding like a good deal the
victim explained she did not have this much to hand and would need time to withdraw it. The males tried to pressure the victim into withdrawing more cash immediately but then settled on taking £150 cash and returning another evening to complete the works. The
victim handed over £150 cash trusting these males would return. They didn’t return.

How to protect yourself:

·  Do not engage with cold callers

·  Always shop around for the best price; obtain more than one quote for work to compare prices and products

·  Always check traders or doorstep callers’ identity; ask to see ID, check the traders is a member of a reputable trade body

·  Do not hand over a cash deposit or pay in full before any work has been completed

·  Double check facts and read the small print; make sure you fully understand the cost, what work is expected, time scales and
service expectations. Carefully check any contracts you are asked to sign to ensure you are happy with the terms and conditions.

·  Its ok to say no, do not feel pressured into making a quick agreement or decision. Remember its your doorstep and your

Ticket Fraud:

A 62-year-old woman from Sussex reported a ticketing scam. The victim saw 2 concert tickets advertised on Facebook marketplace and took interest. The seller offered 2 tickets for £100 and claimed he would send them via recorded delivery. The victim asked to pay via PayPal, but the seller asked for a bank transfer only. The victim transferred £100 to the seller under the impression he was posting the tickets to her. The victim after a few days started to grow suspicious when no tickets arrived. The victim questioned the seller’s authenticity and he claimed if the tickets had got lost it was her problem. The victim was later blocked by the seller and realised she had been scammed.

How to protect yourself:

·  Only buy tickets from the venue box office, promoter, official agent or reputable ticket exchange site.

·  Paying by credit card offers better protection, so use it where you can check sellers’ reviews online, have others reported to not receive the ticket / item they purchased? Do others suggest to stay clear?

·  If you are buying from an individual, always pay safely. Do not bank transfer, instead use a credit card or a safe payment site that offers you protection.

·  Confirm the event details are the same as the event advertisement, check the date, time, location, and seating options.

·  It is always safest to book tickets through official sellers that are members of the self-regulatory body the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR), as anything else could be a scam.

·  If a site shows the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) logo, you can check if they really are members by contacting STAR directly.

Fake HMRC letters:

Sussex and Surrey Police have seen several reports recently from victims reporting to have received a letter claiming to be from HMRC. The letter details that the victim has overpaid on their tax and is due a refund. The letter states that a cheque has been sent to a particular company for them to receive the refund on the victim’s behalf and to redeem their refund the victim must fill in an online form with the company giving all their personal and financial details.

How to protect yourself:

·  Contact HMRC to check the communication you have received is genuine. Contact information for HMRC can be found on Gov.uk.

·  Do not provide any personal or financial details via a link given, cold call or email.

·  Never use the contact details provided in the letter to check authenticity, always find genuine contact details online.

·  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Holiday Booking:

If you are planning to book a holiday this summer, here is how you can keep yourself protected from fraudulent holiday offers.

·  Book a holiday directly with an airline, hotel, or a travel agent. Check whether they’re a member of the Association of British Travel Agents.

·  If booking through a holiday homeowner or letting agent; ask them questions about the booking, room, location, and area. And be extra cautious if asked to pay by cash or bank transfer.

·  Always pay via credit or with debit card for extra protection.

·  Do not reply to unsolicited emails, texts, calls or social media contact with out of the blue holiday offers.

·  Always check that the website you are booking on has a padlock icon in the address bar.

·  Check reviews online for holiday homeowners, booking sites and holiday adverts before booking.

Have you been a victim of fraud?

·  Surrey Police on 101 or visit www.surrey.police.uk 

·  Sussex Police on 101 or visit www.sussex.police.uk

If you or someone you know is vulnerable and has been a victim of fraud call:

Report fraud or attempted fraud, by contacting Action Fraud at http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud or call 0300 123 2040.