Feasibility study and grants

The committee has re-applied for a substantial grant from the Rural Community Energy Fund
to cover all of the costs for a feasibility study to explore renewable energy options for Outwood.
Our first application was commended and we were recommended to increase
the size of the grant application to include additional specialist engineering expertise.
The tender process has been completed to ensure selection
a company that has the skills, expertise and experience to ensure that
the feasibility study could convert into a successful project for Outwood village.
Part of the feasibility study will involve seeking views
from the community and community engagement.
We will keep you posted and involved in developments. We are expecting a decision about the grant in late January.
Please see the Invitation to Tender document in the Documents page for full details.

Sustainable Outwood

Having finalised the name 'Sustainable Outwood' we are in the process of finalising the logo -
watch this space!

Terracyle Bins

What could we recycle that is currently not accepted at council recycling facilities?
Villagers have expressed interest in recycling empty crisp packets.
The new owners of The Bell Pub have kindly offered the space in their car park for Terracyle Bins. 
These are now in place, so please start collecting crisp packets and drop them off
at the labelled bins to the right of the car park.
Packets should be flattened and put in the bins in bags - multipack crisp bags are perfect for this.
Proceeds from money raised will go to local charities.

A repair shop

Villagers have expressed interest in setting up a Repair Shop in the village. This would provide a space for people to recycle and update items such as furniture.
A potential workshop area has been identified and we will keep you updated on progress.

Community Composting

Villagers are keen to become involved in a community composting project that would facilitate garden recycling and then provide villagers with compost.
A suitable site is being sourced and we hope to have this up and running shortly.

Outwood mentioned in The House of Commons!

Our local MP, Claire Coutinho made reference to Outwood's windmill as an example of historical environmentally-friendly projects in Surrey in her climate-aware maiden speech in the House of Commons in 2019. Little did she know then that Outwood was just embarking on an entirely new and ambitious environmental journey! Committee members have had personal contact with her; we have her full and active support for the application to the Rural Community Energy Fund and she has promoted our project in her newsletter and Facebook page.