Name the organisation and create a logo!

We are looking for catchy and memorable name, tag line and logo 
for Outwood's Climate Change projects and initiatives.
Suggestions are open to all. with prizes available to encourage children to get creative.
All ideas are welcome and you could put forward just a logo/name/tagline or all three!
Can you do better than Sustainable Outwood for a name?
Can you create a strong visual image for a logo or come up with a
tagline that matches our vision and mission?
Please send an email to climate.change@outwood.org or ring
Mary Briggs on 01342 844131 if you want more details.

Terracyle Bins

What could we recycle that is currently not accepted at council recycling facilities?
Villagers have expressed interest in recycling empty crisp packets.
We are looking for a suitable site to locate Terracyle bins in the village.

A repair shop

Villagers have expressed interest in setting up a Repair Shop in the village.
This would provide a space for people to recycle and update items such as furniture.
A potential workshop area has been identified and we will keep you updated on progress.

Feasibility study and grants

The committee has applied for a grant from the Rural Community Energy Fund
to cover all of the costs for a feasibility study to explore renewable energy options Outwood.
Having issued four invitations to tender for the work, three consultancies responded,
and after a lengthy and objective review process, Avieco (formerly Carbon Smart
who met with the Parish Council and Climate Change committee in February)
were selected as the preferred supplier to carry out the study.
Established in 2007, Avieco have supported hundreds of clients to 'get sustainability right'
using low carbon energy generation schemes
and are particularly experienced in supporting rural communities like ours.
See www.avieco.com for further information.
Part of the feasibility study will involve seeking views
from the community and community engagement.
We will keep you posted and involved in developments.