Timeline of events

Outwood News is regularly updating villagers on progress.

Autumn 2019

Initial village meeting
A village meeting took place in November 2019 to gauge villagers' interest in addressing climate change matters in Outwood. More than 80 people attended. There were presentations from Possible, an environmental campaigning charity to give villagers a feel for the types of initiatives that may be possible, with examples given of other rural projects. Attendees were asked to fill in questionnaires indicating their level of interest and suggesting ideas. This initial initiative indicated a significant level of interest, and from this a committee was formed of villagers willing to progress matters.

Early 2020

Project meeting
A representative from a company that supports environmental projects presented to the committee and members of the Parish Council to provide more detail around the types of project that might be feasible. Potential grants to support feasibility studies and costs towards potential projects were highlighted alongside details of a significant project that is taking place in the village of Swaffham Prior in Cambridgeshire. 

Spring 2020

Rural Community Energy Fund
Determined not to be hampered by the Covid-19 crisis, the committee pursued developing projects involving Outwood reducing its carbon emissions. It was decided to apply to the Rural Community Energy Fund, with a tender process undertaken.

Summer 2020

Our first application to the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) was commended and we were recommended to refine and resubmit the application in the autumn. We were specifically asked to increase the size of the grant application to include specialist engineering expertise.

Autumn 2020

The tender process has been completed and an application resubmitted to RCEF with Parish Council support. Please see the Invitation to Tender document within the Documents section for full details. Committee members have gained additional knowledge and insight to support the tender process and our application. This grant would cover all costs of the feasibility study to ensure that future environmental projects are sound, viable and have community support. We are likely to hear the result of our application at the end of January.
Vision and mission
Vision and mission statements have been created by the committee and shared with villagers. The name 'Sustainable Outwood' has been agreed and a logo is in the process of being finalised. 
Terracyle Bins
The Bell Pub has been identified as a suitable site to locate Terracyle bins and these are now in place. The aim is to encourage villagers to recycle crisp packets that are not currently accepted through the council recycling facilities. 
Repair shop
The idea of setting up a repair shop that upgrades and recycles used artefacts arose from a group of villagers. A suitable property has been identified and is being further explored to enable this initiative to commence.
Community Composting
Villagers have expressed interest in creating a community composting scheme. A site is being sourced to store garden waste provided by villagers. This would then become compost which would be made available for villagers. We hope to have this up and running shortly.