2018/1173/TPO Pheasantry Cottage Outwood Lane Oak (T1) - carry out staged retrenchment as detailed below. Pruning cycle 1 (year 1): Reduce height from 26 metres to 21 metres Reduce width from 23 metres to 19 metres Pruning cycle 2 (5 years later): Reduce height from 21 metres to 16 metres Reduce width from 19 metres to 15 metres Finished retrenchment height of 16 metres and width of 15 metres, will leave it safe distance from road and property. Logs from pruning to be placed at base of tree and the wood chippings created to be spread at base 6 to 12 months after pruning takes place.

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2018/1025 Sawmills Green Lane Erection of a storage building for timber for a temporary 3 year period (retrospective)

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2018/1139 Beechfield, Moats Lane: Proposed two pitch site for settled gypsy accommodation including retention of existing brick stables/day room to provide utility building and removal of existing garage and chicken coop buildings; revised application - the alternative to application 2017/2394 'Continued stationing of mobile home'. (Retrospective)

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2018/1261 Woolborough Hatch Woolborough LaneDemolition of existing attached garage. Erection of two storey side extension incorporating first floor balcony to front elevation. Alterations to fenestration including external cladding (stained black timber) to main dwelling and detached triple bay garage. (Part Retrospective)

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