Current applications within Outwood are shown below; to find out more information on these please click here  and search for the relevant application

2018/2022/TCA Flagstones, Millers Lane, Outwood RH1 5PU Various pruning works to fruit trees on the left hand side of the rear garden, as listed within the application form

Comments to TDC by 7th November

Application         2018/2129

Proposal              Replacement of existing single-storey rear extension

Location               Windmill Cottage, Outwood Common, Outwood RH1 5PW

Comments to TDC by 21st November

Application         2018/2082

Proposal              Demolition of existing garage and carport and construction and repositioning of proposed garage, alteration of driveway and proposed new entrance driveway gate

Location               Slab Castle Cottage, Prince of Wales Road, Outwood RH1 5QU

Comments to TDC by 22nd November