Outwood History

Outwood History

Over time we intend to add more and more historic information to this page, but for now we just have a small amount of information and a few links to other pages on this site that contain some interesting historic information.

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Links to Historic Content

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Outwood’s Milestones
1542 Earliest known reference to Outwood; the Court Roll refers to the restrictions concerning the felling of timber in Outwood
1665 The Post Mill, still in working order, was built
1834 The Baptist Chapel, no longer in use, was built
1869 St John the Baptist Church was built
1870 The creation of the ecclesiastical parish of St John the Baptist
1876 The school was opened – now converted into apartments
1887 Outwood Cricket Club was formed and is still active
1891 The census of that year recorded about 586 residents in Outwood and 140 houses
1930 Outwood Drama Society was formed, now defunct
1936 The village hall was build, called the Lloyd Hall
2000 Outwood Parish Council was created
2001 Census recorded 569 People (309m, 260f), 224 households (Tandridge Census)
2004 Outwood Website relaunched.

For more historic information on Outwood please contact the Outwood Local History Society.