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Outwood resident Julian Alderton has written an interesting and entertaining account of the history of the Tannoy company and its founder.

Julian’s book, called The Tannoy Story’, was published in February 2004 after more than 20 years of research and it is a biography of the creator of the company, Guy Fountain, and the history of the first fifty years of the famous company he founded.  It includes many amusing anecdotes about this very controversial character and of the unpredictable, almost unbelievable, actions which coloured his life and influenced the development of his company.

The book runs to 260 pages (108,000 words), and contains more than 100 photographs and line drawings.  It is available in hardback form at £18.99 or as a paperback at £9.99 from the Author, from The Ancient House Bookshop, Bell Street, Reigate, from Ottakar’s, The Belfry, Redhill, or from Lazarus Press on 01237 421195 (email: lazaruspress@aol.com).

Julian has already received some positive reviews of his book, extracts of which are reproduced below:

"The intriguing story of the Tannoy company and of it’s creator, Guy Fountain, has now been skilfully recorded by local Outwood author, Julian Alderton …  The development of the Tannoy company, its successes and its occasional failures, with fascinating anecdotes about its intriguing creator and many of the principal players in the Tannoy story, has been chronicled by Mr Alderton".

(The Surrey Mirror)

"I cannot think of anybody more suitable or appropriate to write the story of this extraordinary firm and its founder Guy R Fountain than Julian Alderton …. In ‘The Tannoy Story’ not only does Julian give graphic descriptions of these products but he also paints a very vivid word picture of Guy Fountain, he doesn’t pull his punches, he gives it to you warts and all". 

(British Vintage Wireless Society magazine)

For further information on the book, see www.lazaruspress.com/bookinfo.asp?id=80