OUTWOOD PARISH COUNCIL                                       

Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 12th September 2017        

at the Church Room

Present                                               Cllrs N Wyer, J Howard and M Baldock.  Parish Clerk L Charlesworth.

                                                               Also present:  Cllrs P Bond and H Fitzgerald;  Nutfield Parish Cllrs J Johnson and P Murray; Mr J Blackmore, Mr I Frow, Mrs Helen Windsor, Mr S Moat, Mrs E Moat and Mr N Shaw.

12/0901 Apologies                         Cllrs R Yeldham and B Gosling, Mrs F Mellington and Mr M Johnson.

12/0902 Minutes                              The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed.

12/0903 Declarations                     None

12/0904 County Councillor         Not present and no report.


12/0905 District Councillor         Cllr Bond reported that Haskins’ application for increased size of garden centre has been approved. CIL money can applied for if there any developments in the village. BHF considering re-routing annual bike ride.

12/0906 NT                                        Not present. E Yoxhall has contacted the Wells family regarding the new post for the beacon being stored in their yard until it needs to be used. A new seat has been placed near the pond on the common. The NT volunteers are working in Branslands wood.

12/0907 Planning                            Cllr P Murray, Chair of Nutfield Parish Council and Mr J Blackmore from Salfords and Sidlow Parish Council spoke of local concerns about TDC’s proposal for Redhill Aerodrome Garden Village. Cllrs Baldock and Gosling attended a TDC Local Plan and CIL Seminar on 11th July at Nutfield Village Hall. Other Cllrs have attended consultation sessions held by TDC and Cllr Bond encouraged residents to attend other sessions. Comments need to be sent to TDC by 9th October. Information posters will be put up on village noticeboards. A Parish Council’s comment carries no more weight than that of an individual so each resident is encouraged to contact TDC by emailing localplan@tandridge.gov.uk . Cllr Bond  advised that the extension to Woodcroft on Dayseys Hill was not advised to the Council as it did not need planning permission.  2017/1730 Ridgeview Millers Lane Erection of Entrance gates: no local objections.

12/0908 MUGA/Wells Field        Safety Inspection carried out in July.                                      

12/0909 Training                              Meeting Procedures Briefing & Awareness Training booked for July and September. Cllr Howard is attending SSALC Chairs Networking on 28th September.

12/0910 Law and Order                 Police – Nothing to report

Neighbourhood WatchBreak-ins in village in July; in one some jewellery was stolen and in another the perpetrators were disturbed and ran away. Fly-tipper on Outwood Lane disturbed by residents

Speedwatch – 21’speeders’ on Dayseys Hill in one session. Speedwatch is also now covering Millers Lane

12/0911 Reports                               Highways and Speed Limits TDC would offer 4 urban and 2 rural cuts if they took over ‘The Hub’ verge cutting from SCC. OPC would not be willing to contribute more to increase the number of rural cuts to 3.

Lloyd Hall – OPC to contact Charlotte Parker regarding making an application for planning permission. Then contractors will be invited to provide costs. Once costs have been provided the OPC will make a decision whether to go ahead. The parking sub-committee came to the conclusion that additional parking was currently not required. Sources of funding were discussed including applying for an amount from the SCC Member’s Allocation. Request for dates of the LHMC meeting to be published on the website and minutes to be published in the Outwood News. OPC to pass this on. The next meeting is on 9th October and the public are welcome to attend.

Aviation and Transport- I Frow reported on the Noise Management Board; there are currently no Parish Councils who are members and Mr Frow has kindly offered to represent OPC. On the 16th October a possible visit to Swannick will take place with Mr Frow accompanied by Cllr Baldock and Cllr Wyer.

Community Noise disturbance on August 19th; Clerk to write to owner of the land to get assurances that no future disturbances will take place. OCC would like to get an addition of their name to sign on common. Tesco Bags of Help and Horley Rotary Club can be approached for money for defibrillator at OCC.

12/0912 Finance                               120912/1 The payments list was approved.

120912/3 The Clerk’s report was accepted. Query on audit by BDO dealt with.

120912/4 Budget for Lloyd Hall Parking Improvement on hold. Fee for planning permission approved at £195 Prop Cllr Wyer, Sec Cllr Baldock

12/0913 Next agenda                    



12/0914 Next Meeting                 The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 10th October 2017

Signed………………………………….                                                                                      10th October 2017