OUTWOOD PARISH COUNCIL                 

Draft Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 9th October 2018        

at the Church Room

Present                                               Cllrs B Gosling, R Yeldham, J Howard and M Baldock. Parish Clerk: L Charlesworth

                                                               Also present: Cllrs Thorn, Wates and Bourne; Mr J Blackmore and Mr N. Shaw.

09/1001 Apologies                         Cllrs N. Wyer and J. Howard; Cllr H. Fitzgerald and  Mr  I Frow,


09/1002 Minutes                             The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed.

09/1003 Declarations                   Cllr B Gosling made a declaration regarding a planning application


09/1004County Councillor         Clerk to apply for funds from member’s allocation for replacement swing which TDC now believe was stolen from the playground; Cllr Baldock to supply replacement costs. Cllrs also to consider requesting funds for filling in dips from verges on Outwood Lane. Cllr Yeldham to apply for funds for repairs to Church Room.   

 09/1005 District Councillor       Cllr Wates and Bourne had nothing to report. Concern was expressed that there has been no enforcement of the refused planning applications at Sawmills.

09/1006 NT                                       January 19th Wassail at the community orchard. The beacon will be lit on Nov 11th; the path across the common will be resurfaced.

09/1007 Planning                           2018/1429 Sawmills, Green Lane, Retention of earth bunding. The Parish Council is objecting to this; engineering work such as this should not be taking place in the Green Belt, especially as it would appear that the bunds have been created in order to make way for even larger lorries to operate on this site. Another retrospective application is concerning, especially as this company is continuing to develop this site despite the refusal of their change of use application.

2018/1869/TCA Old Millers Farm, Scotts Hill, Outwood RH1 5PR T1: Ash (dying) - Fell tree to a point as close to ground level as is reasonably practicable to leave a stump and treat stump with Ecoplug system. No objections.

 09/1008MUGA/Wells Field       Nothing to report- funds to be reserved for likely resurfacing


09/1009 Training                             SALC conference 15th November at Dorking Halls; Cllr Gosling to attend

09/1010Law and Order                 Police – Not present and no report

Neighbourhood WatchNot present; Action Fraud have warned about a fake TV licence refund scam. There’s a free cycle marking event on 27th October at On Your Bike in Felbridge.

Speedwatch – Mr N Shaw reported on recent activity on Green Land and Millers Lane

09/1011Reports                                Highways and Speed Limits. Outwood Lane currently closed for drainage repairs; some resurfacing has also been done.

Lloyd Hall – Planning permission for LH parking has been approved

Aviation and Transport-RACC meeting next week. Noise Management Board- Mr I Frow to ask Alan Jones to provide an update.

Community – Repairs to church held up due to problems with chimney; will now be completed by December. Churchyard extension - clearance needed to check what trees might need to be preserved.

09/1012 Finance                              091012/1 The payments list was approved.

091012/2 Report from Clerk accepted.

091012/3 Donation of £100 to NT for Wassail approved Prop; Cllr Yeldham Sec Cllr Baldock

09/1013 Next agenda                  Budget and Precept for 2019/20                  



09/1014 Next Meeting                The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th November 2018.

Signed………………………………….                                                                                     13th November 2018