OUTWOOD PARISH COUNCIL                                       

Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 8th January 2019        

at the Church Room

Present                                               Cllrs N Wyer, B Gosling, R Yeldham, and M Baldock. Parish Clerk: L Charlesworth

                                                               Also present: Cllrs Bourne and Wates. Mr J Blackmore, Mr I Frow and Mr N. Shaw.

08/0101 Apologies                         Cllr J Howard and Cllr H Fitzgerald  


08/0102 Minutes                             The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed.

08/0103 Declarations                   None


08/0104County Councillor         Not present and no report

 08/0105 District Councillor       Cllr Bourne reported that planning permission for the churchyard extension is likely to be approved by the end of January. Cllr Gosling requested an update on Beechfield planning application in Moats Lane.

08/0106 NT                                       Bellwether Lane footpath to be repaired by volunteers. Wassail on 19th January.

08/0107 Planning                           2018/2451/TCA Outwood Cricket Ground, Outwood Common. Oak (A) – Fell Oak (B) - Reduce lateral branches to points indicated on submitted photographs. 2 x Oak on western boundary – Reduce lateral branches to points indicated on submitted photographs. No local objections. 2018/2448 Hunters Moon Farm, Woolborough Lane, Commercial Storage and Vehicle Repairs (Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development for an Existing Development) Additional time to be requested to respond as notification only received on 3rd January.

08/0108MUGA/Wells Field        Nothing to report- funds to be reserved for likely resurfacing


08/0109 Training                             Cllr Gosling reported on the November SALC conference

08/0110 AVM                                    1st April at the Lloyd Hall. Liz Carter who will talk on the wellbeing prescription has been approached by Cllr Baldock. Cllr Yeldham to approach East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service for a second speaker.

08/0111Law and Order                 Police – Not present.

Neighbourhood WatchNot present; reports of Nottingham knockers in Nutfield and Smallfield

Speedwatch – Mr N Shaw – no activity this month.

08/0112Reports                                Highways and Speed Limits. Nothing to report

Lloyd Hall – Cllr Gosling reported on the recent LHMC meeting.

Aviation and Transport- Mr I Frow reported on the recent AGM of Gatwick Noise Management Board. RACC meeting for 9th Jan has been cancelled; next meeting in April

Community matters- Cllr Yeldham reported that the repairs to the church should be completed by the end of January

08/0113 Finance                              131113/1 The payments list was approved.

080113/2 Report from Clerk accepted.

080113/3 Precept approved at additional £500 per annum. Prop: Cllr B Gosling, Sec: Cllr N Wyer

 Budget -£3000 ringfenced for MUGA refurbishment, then £500 to be transferred per annum

080113/4 Donation £500 to church for use of church room 2017/18 and 2018/19 Prop: Cllr N Wyer, Sec: Cllr B Gosling

08/0114 Next agenda                  Lloyd Hall parking                             



08/0115 Next Meeting                The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 12th February 2019.

Signed………………………………….                                                                                     12th February 2019