OUTWOOD PARISH COUNCIL                                       

Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 14th May 2019        

at the Church Room

Present                                               Cllrs N Wyer, J. Howard, B.Gosling, R Yeldham, and M Baldock. Parish Clerk: L Charlesworth

                                                               Also present: Cllr White, Cllr Thorn, Mr J Blackmore, Mr I Frow and Mr N. Shaw.

14/0501 Election of chairman   Cllr Howard was elected Chair (prop. Cllr Wyer, sec. Cllr Yeldham)

14/0502 Acceptance of Office Cllr Howard signed the acceptance of office

14/0503 Election of vice chair   Cllr Wyer was elected Vice-Chair (prop. Cllr Baldock, sec Cllr Yeldham)

14/0504 Apologies                         Cllr Bourne, Cllr Fitzgerald, F Mellington and A. Malley


14/0505 Minutes                             The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed.

14/0506 Declarations                   None


14/0507County Councillor         Cllr Thorn reported that there will be a new subcontractor to look after drains. Cllrs Wyer and Baldock will be meeting with Cllr Thorn on 23rd May to review road damage caused by HGVs.

14/0508 District Councillor       Cllr White reported on the situation with Sawmills. An enforcement notice will be served this week – there is expected to be an appeal.

14/0509 NT                                       Cllr Howard met with the NT regarding a possible ‘trim trail/play equipment’ along the new path in the woods by Brickfield Road; the NT are very positive about this project. OPC would need to be responsible for repairs and insurance, but sources of funding will be approached. The NT would aim to be in place for 2020 to tie in with NT ‘access to great outdoors’. Cllr Howard to send the NT a letter of support for the extension to new path.

14/0510 Planning                           2019/594 Cornerways Bellwether Lane Single storey rear extension (Application for a certificate of lawful development for a proposed development). No local objections 2019/283 Goodacres, Rookery Hill Proposed hip to gable enlargements to existing roof together with 3 front dormers and one rear dormer, single storey rear extension and front entrance porch. (Amended description) (Amended plans). No local objections

14/0511MUGA/Wells Field        David Crittell has decided after years of service to no longer cut the Wells Field. Quotations to be obtained from other contractors including the one used by the NT


14/0512Training                               None planned at present

14/0513TDC/SCC Carbon neutral The Parish Council resolves to contact TDC and SCC to request that they put climate change initiatives into their action plans, and make public the steps they are taking to become carbon neutral. Prop. Cllr Howard, Sec. Cllr Yeldham. Motion carried. A letter will be drafted and sent, and the County and District Cllrs will also ask their respective Councils for policies.      

14/0514 OPC                                     The Parish Council resolves to consider ways that OPC and Outwood residents can reduce carbon emissions locally. Motion deferred until next meeting but discussed; the council resolved to gather ideas from residents including groups such as WI and coffee morning.

14/0515Law and Order                 Police – Not present.

Neighbourhood WatchPCSO Cheeseman held a drop in meeting on 24th April in Smallfield which Cllr Baldock attended. Cllr Howard reported on the  ‘Policing your community meeting’ 30th April at Oxted; a new NHW coordinator is required on Dayseys Hill.

Speedwatch – not present

14/0516Reports                               Highways and Speed Limits – Flooding on Outwood Lane reported to SES and no response. Chevron sign on Dayseys Hill needs replacing; Cllr Thorn to report. Road sign audit list to Anita Guy- list sent but no response. Cllr Howard to send details to Cllr Thorn to chase up.

Lloyd Hall –  LHMC are going ahead with getting quotations for Lloyd Hall additional parking. Amended wording for statement about fundraising approved. Painting white lines in present parking area suggested, in order to maximise use of existing parking

Aviation and Transport- Meeting 16th May at Gatwick regarding new proposed route 4; Ian Frow to represent the Parish Council.

Community matters- Concern about barrels outside Castle pub; Cllr Baldock to contact letting agent and brewery.

14/0517 Finance                              140517/1 The payments list was approved.

140517/2 Report from Clerk accepted.

140517/5 £450 donation to Outwood News approved

14/0518 Next agenda                                   



14/0519 Next Meeting                The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 11th June 2019.

Signed………………………………….                                                                                     11th June 2019