OUTWOOD PARISH COUNCIL                 

Minutes of the Council Meeting held virtually on Tuesday 12th May 2020        

Present                                               Cllrs J Howard, N Wyer, R. Yeldham, B.Gosling, and M Baldock. Parish Clerk: L Charlesworth

                                                               Also present: Cllr Fitzgerald and Mr I Frow

12/0501 Election of chairman   Cllr Howard was elected Chair (prop. Cllr Wyer, sec. Cllr Yeldham)

12/0502 Acceptance of Office Cllr Howard signed the acceptance of office

12/0503 Election of vice chair   Cllr Wyer was elected Vice-Chair (prop. Cllr Howard, sec Cllr Yeldham)

12/0504 Apologies


12/0505 Minutes                             The minutes of the May meeting were approved and signed.

12/0506 Declarations                   None


12/0507County Councillor         Not present and no report

12/0508 District Councillor       Cllr Fitzgerald advised that he had been informed of HGVs dumping waste into land opposite Chenies on Green Lane.  He will make further enquiries.

12/0509 NT                                      The NT warden has been furloughed

12/0510 Planning                           Goods Vehicle Licence Registration for Burstow Lodge Business Centre- objection to be made

12/0511MUGA/Wells Field        Quotation for grass cutting of £82 plus VAT. MUGA can now be opened for tennis (singles only)

12/0512Training                               Nothing to report

12/0513 OCCG                                  Grant application approved Prop. Cllr Wyer, Sec. Cllr Yeldham

12/0514Law and Order                 Police – not present and no report

Neighbourhood WatchA Neghbourhood Watch coordinator is still required. Criminal damage to a car on Gayhouse Lane reported.

Speedwatch –not present and no report. Cllr Howard to request that Seedwatch start up again as there have been many reports of speeding through the village.

12/0516 Reports                             Highways and Speed Limits – Nothing to report

Lloyd Hall – The LHMC have received  a central government grant of £10k due to the lockdown. They are considering reducing the specification for their additional parking on Brickfield Rd.

Aviation and Transport- Mr Frow reported that LGW is open 2pm to 10pm. The original Route 4 has been restored which was in line with what the village was in favour of.

Community matters- The manager of the Dog and Duck would be willing to have a defibrillator outside the pub. Possible funding from BHF to be sought.

12/0517 Finance                              120517/1 The payments list was approved.

120517/2 Report from Clerk accepted.

120517/3 Donation to Outwood News of £450 approved Prop. Cllr Howard, Sec Cllr Yeldham

12/0518 Next agenda                  Approval of 19/20 accounts



12/0519 Next Meeting                The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 9th June 2020

Signed………………………………….                                                                                     9th June 2020