OUTWOOD PARISH COUNCIL                                       

Minutes of the Council Meeting held virtually on Tuesday 9th June 2020        

Present                                               Cllrs J Howard, N Wyer, R. Yeldham, B.Gosling, and M Baldock. Parish Clerk: L Charlesworth

                                                               Also present: Cllr Fitzgerald, Mr I Frow and Mr P Jenn

09/0601 Apologies        


09/0602 Minutes                            The minutes of the May meeting were approved and signed.

09/0603 Declarations                   None


09/0604County Councillor         Not present and no report

09/0605 District Councillor       Cllr Fitzgerald will continue to investigate HGVs dumping waste into land opposite Chenies on Green Lane. 

09/0606 NT                                      Not present and no report

09/0607 Planning                           2020/852 Old Millers Farm, Scotts Hill Erection of single storey front porch, alteration of existing window opening to accommodate new door opening and enclosing of existing open porch. Enclosure of existing open log store to accommodate plant for ground source heat pump heating system in existing detached outbuilding. No local objections. 2020/803/TCA West Thorn Cottage, Millers Lane: Ash - Fell. Tree has grown through the adjacent Yew and has corrupted growth form because of this. As the canopy of the Ash develops, it will corrupt the form of the much older Yew. Yew  - Reduce the crown by 2m. No local objections

09/0608MUGA/Wells Field        James Wells has agreed to do one mowing of the Wells Field before Glen Biddle takes over for regular cuts

09/0609Training                               Nothing to report

09/0610 OCCG                                  Grant application forms have been sent in; awaiting response.

09/0611Law and Order                 Police – not present and no report

Neighbourhood Watch Wasp Green Lane flytipping; a resident on Wasp Green Lane has requested the TDC consider putting CCTV up there again. Cllr Fitzgerald to chase up.  Spate of catalytic convertor theft in Tandridge area including Outwood. Warning regarding fake track and trace contacts.

Speedwatch may be able to start up again from 15th June.

09/0612 Reports                             Highways and Speed Limits – Concern re accidents at bottom of Scotts Hill by Cogman’s Lane.

Lloyd Hall –The LHMC are considering reducing the specification for the additional parking on Brickfield Rd.

Aviation and Transport- Mr Frow reported that LGW will be opening from 6am to 10pm from 15th June. Route 4 is going to be restored to the 2012 route; airlines will set their own points so it will be scattered a bit which will be in our favour. Taxiway to runway plans still going ahead. Revision of airspace in whole of SE.

Community matters- The Castle – Mr Jenn proposed that the OPC consider that the Castle be nominated as an Asset of Community Value. Mr Jenn to draft the form and forward to the Clerk, and also put a questionnaire into the next edition of the Outwood News asking for residents’ views. The manager of the Dog and Duck would be willing to have a defibrillator outside the pub. Possible fund match from BHF for up to £600. Clerk has applied to ‘London Hearts’. Ryall and Edwards – Cllr Wyer reported concerns that the Ryall and Edwards business on the Sawmills site is being run down. Further details to be sent to TDC enforcement team. Village Show 6th September – OPC to have a stall

09/0613 Finance                              090613/1 The payments list was approved.

090613/2 Report from Clerk accepted.

09/0614 Next agenda                  19/20 AGAR approval



10/0615 Next Meeting                The next meeting will be held on Wed 1st July 2020 at 8pm

Signed………………………………….                                                                                     1st July 2020