OUTWOOD PARISH COUNCIL                                       

Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 8th June 2021 in the Church Room, Wasp Green Lane

Present                                               Cllrs J Howard, N Wyer, R. Yeldham, B. Gosling, and M Baldock. Parish Clerk: L Charlesworth

                                                               Also present: Cllr White, Mr I Frow, Mr N Shaw, Mr J Blackmore and Mr de Wiggondene-Sheppard


08/0601 Apologies                         Cllrs Gillman, Bourne, Parr and Farr; Mrs F Mellington


08/0602 Minutes                            The minutes of the May meeting were approved and signed

08/0603 Declarations                   None


08/0604County Councillor         Not present and no report

08/0605 District Councillor       Cllr White reported that there was no news yet on the Sawmills appeals; he will revert after next Planning Meeting. Cllr White is now the Vice Chair of the Planning Committee.

08/0606 NT                                      Cllr Baldock presented a report from the NT.

08/0607 Planning                           2021/770 The Log Cabin, Winterfall Barn, Erection of single storey side and rear extensions. (Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed Use or Development). No local objections 2021/745 Harewood House, Outwood Lane Formation of swimming pool with retractable glazed enclosure over and associated paving No local objections

08/0608MUGA/Wells Field        Nothing to report; Safeplay invoice has been paid, but comments on our experience with them have been sent to TDC

08/0609 Training                             Nothing to report

08/0610 OCCG                                  No issues-other than awaiting confirmation from Energy Hub of payment in order to pay the next invoice

08/0611 Septic Tanks                     Concerns regarding some overflow from household septic tanks; notice and information to be put in July Outwood News

08/0612 HGV                                     Response discussed

08/0612 Law and Order                Police – not present

Neighbourhood Watch not present and no report

Speedwatch – Mr Shaw made a request for more Speedwatch volunteers as he plans to retire from Speedwatch at the end of this year

08/0713Reports                               Highways and Speed Limits – nothing to report

Lloyd Hall – Cllr Gosling reported on the latest Lloyd Hall meeting.

Aviation and Transport- Nothing to report

Village Show –  OPC will have a stand at the show, as well as Sustainable Outwood)

Community matters-

08/0614 Finance                              080614/1 The payments list was approved.

080614/2 Report from Clerk accepted including CIL review

080614/3 Payment of  £13465.20 to Avieco Ltd approved dependant on receipt of money from ‘The Hub’ Proposed Cllr Wyer, Sec Cllr Howard

080614/4 Approval of 2020/21 Annual Return Section 1 Annual Governance Statement; proposed Cllr Yeldham, seconded Cllr Baldock

080614/5 Approval of 2020/21 Annual Return Section 2- Accounting Statements; proposed Cllr Baldock, seconded Cllr Yeldham

080614/6 Approval of Certificate of Exemption for 2020/21; proposed Cllr Howard, seconded Cllr Wyer

08/0615 Next agenda                   



08/0616 Next Meeting                The next meeting will be held on Tues 27th July 2021 at 8pm

Signed Jane Weston                                                                        27th July 2021