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Email: parish.clerk@outwood.org

Tel:     07883 816016

aClerk/RFO:  Mrs Rodabe Run                                                                                 Clerk/RFO:  Mrs Rodabe Rudin

c/o 2 Dirty Lane

Ashurst Wood

West Sussex, RH19 3SX


The Twenty-Second Annual Village Meeting will be held on

Monday 24th April 2023 At 7.30pm

In the Lloyd Hall

                                                                                    Jane Howard



  1. Minutes of the Twenty-First Annual Village Meeting
  2. Chair’s Report
  3. Andrew Wright – Nature conservation and outdoor recreation in Surrey
  4. Michelann Pollard - Outwood4Ukraine  - update one year on
  5. Short updates from:
          1. National Trust – Ashlie Williams
          2. Horticultural Society – Sallie Charman
          3. WI -Caroline Durance
          4. St John’s Church/burial ground- Nicholas Calver
          5. Royal British Legion – Paul Daniels
          6. MUGA Committee- Bernie Thomson
          7. Neighbourhood Watch- Mark Osland
          8. Lloyd Hall Management Committee - Richard Pollard
          9. Cricket Club – Paul Howard
          10. Shoestring productions – Sandra Crittell
          11. Film Club – Shän Daniels
          12. Village Show – David Crittell
  6. How do villagers feel about the accumulation of household waste on the site at Norman’s Corner?  The Environment Agency will investigate if sufficient numbers show concern.
  7. A significant area of the village is not on mains drainage and sewage. What can we do about this?
  8. Mobile phone coverage is non-existent or very spasmodic over a large area of Outwood.  What can we do to get this rectified?
  9. To decide by vote of the electorate whether to make a donation to Surrey Air Ambulance and if so, by what amount



All members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting but only those whose names appear on the current Outwood Register of Electors are permitted to vote.